Jon Rockwood has been a member of Whatcom County Association of Realtors (WCAR) “since the beginning” of his career in Real Estate. He takes any opportunity he has to get involved with community service. In his words, he’s “obsessed” with volunteering to worthy causes. Whether it’s beautifying the streets with flowers or getting the word out about Miracle Food Network, Jon can’t stop getting involved. He loves working with people and that love translates beyond his brokerage. Jon was the 2021 WCAR Community Service Award winner and it’s not hard to see why.

Joy Edwards Brown exudes passion and commitment. Joy has been a member of WCAR since becoming a REALTOR®. Prior to this she worked in education and has clearly invested her love of teaching, her intelligence, and her ability to connect with lots of different people into her work with John L. Scott. She shared that whenever she trains a new REALTOR® she “always begins with Fair Housing,” believing it is the foundation for everything we do.

Over the 32 years that Brad has been a REALTOR® he has been involved not just in local associations, but state and national associations as well. He is fond of saying, “if you’re in Real Estate, you’re in politics,” which he practices by supporting RPAC, educating himself and others about issues that impact REALTORS® and their communities, and by being involved and helping other members. Brad encourages all of us to give back to our communities and to “get to know the people you’re working alongside.”

Jack Hovenier has been serving his community in various ways for decades. He has been a REALTOR® and member of WCAR for 15 years. Jack appreciates the community to be found in the Association. He touts the “advocacy, the connections, the breadth of knowledge that we get from talking to each other.” He believes that it’s important to show the world that “we can be successful in our lives as we are,” especially when it comes to things we may have been uncomfortable with or criticized for. He was also instrumental in the creation of the new Crisis Stabilization Center in Whatcom County. He hopes to continue to be involved in meaningful work through all the avenues of his life, including WCAR.

Cassie Robles describes herself as a career committee person. She has been a member of WCAR since 2016, but has been involved in the Whatcom County community for much longer. She believes it’s important to give back and to support organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, that facilitate affordable housing for all and the Boys and Girls Club of Whatcom County, which supports youth and parents. One of the things that gets her most excited about working on committees for WCAR, specifically, is when these passions overlap. Her passion for service stems from, as she puts it, “business” – she likes working with the people she works with and forming bonds, community, and shared resources with those in the industry. She sees this process as relational, building relationships that benefit everyone in the community.

Tim Cornwell has been a member of WCAR since 2012. He is a team leader, a managing broker, and has been a broker/owner as well. He sees his role as the “boots on the ground” for clients and, in this role, he strives to amplify the voices of REALTORS®, his clients, and others in the industry through involvement in organizations that represent industry needs (such as RPAC and participation in WCAR). Tim is humble about his contributions to the community, but he values high ethics and strives to be the best in his work and his relationships with clients and other agents.