WCAR Staff

Perry Eskridge
Government Affairs Director

Perry advises the Governmental Affairs Committee on outreach to local government officials and candidates and tracks legislation as it progresses through the government process in an effort to provide a voice on issues that affect REALTOR® business. Perry joined WCAR in March 2007 as the part-time government affairs director. He advises the Government Affairs Committee on matters relating to the real estate industry including city and county legislation, communication with local elected officials and staff, and campaigns during the election season. Perry is an alumnus of the University of Montana (B.S. Business Administration/Economics (1990); J.D. School of Law (1993) and was Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Montana and General Counsel for the Transport Airplane Directorate, FAA prior to joining WCAR.

Rupert Eskridge
Attitude Adjuster

Rupert Eskridge comes to us through Perry & Krisann Eskridge, who adopted him from an owner that was too old to care for him any longer. Rupert is a fiesty, friendly and lovable Corgi who loves everyone, including the mailperson (Lisa). When you need an attitude adjuster, come see Rupert. He makes us smile.

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